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Minivan Rome Fiumicino Airport Rental

Book your cheap minivan online today with Triavi in Rome Fiumicino Airport and get the best minivan rental deal for all your 6, 7 or 8 seater car hires. Posted by

Looking for a practical and safe people carrier rental in Rome Fiumicino Airport?

A minivan rental in Rome Fiumicino Airport is a perfect Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) if you need a spacious, practical and fuel-economy car to carry comfortably and safely 6, 7 or 8 carry passengers or with the back seat rows folded back, to transport cargo.  A mini van or a minibus is a top-choice as a family rental vehicle and for taller people as it offers more head and legroom than a regular sedan.

Triavi Car Rental Services provides a wide range of minivans of different sizes and brands, including AWD minivans that are available at thousands of car rental locations, at or near major airports, train stations, cities and neighborhoods. We guarantee you the best deals as we compare the latest car hire offers of major car rental companies like Avis, Budget, Sixt, as well as local car providers to present you with the cheapest minivan rental in Rome Fiumicino Airport. Check online for our discount rentals and don’t miss out on our last minute car deals in Rome Fiumicino Airport. Contact our customer service by mail or by phone to get a quote for the people mover providing you sufficient passenger room and/or cargo space. If you happen to be a young renter aged 21-24 and are searching for a small passenger van, we invite you to check out our under 25 car rental deals in Rome Fiumicino Airport.


Rent a 6 passenger Minivan in Rome Fiumicino Airport

If you need a 6 seater car hire, check online for our best rental deals for a 6 passenger minivan rental in Rome Fiumicino Airport and book the Mazda 5, a front-wheel drive compact minivan with a 6 speed manual transmission that provides the best mileage for city driving or hire the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso with a manual gearbox, a stylish 6 seat vehicle with a very spacious cabin and plenty of storage compartments. You can also choose a one-way rental in Rome Fiumicino Airport and rent the manual Fiat Multipla with GPS, a practical and comfortable MPV that can seat 6 people plus their luggage. 

Book a minivan with Triavi in Rome Fiumicino Airport to enjoy the ultimate fun drive!


7 Passenger Van and Minivan Rental in Rome Fiumicino Airport

We provide a wide selection of top-ranked 7 seater vans to help you to find the best people carrier rental in Rome Fiumicino Airport at the best rental price. Check out our long-term car rentals and rent a cheap minivan in Rome Fiumicino Airport such as the 7 seater VW Touran, a practical and roomy family minivan or the Volkswagen Sharan, a larger 7 seat MPV with sliding doors, the perfect choice to carry 7 adults on longer rides. Find out about our one way car hire in Rome Fiumicino Airport and reserve a diesel Peugeot 5008, a stylish and practical 7 seater manual minivan with good fuel-economy and a spacious interior or book an automatic Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna AWD, both seating  7 passengers comfortably, whilst providing plenty of cargo space.

Looking for a luxury minivan rental in Rome Fiumicino Airport? Check out our online weekend car rental deals in Rome Fiumicino Airport and make a reservation for the Chrysler Grand Voyager with a 6-speed automatic transmission for a luxury people mover with a spacious interior for seven people or book the Toyota Hiace, a VIP 7 seater minivan with manual transmission to enjoy a top-family van with a high level of car comfort and safety.

Last but not least, if you would rather rent an eco-friendly car, we highly recommend you to select the Toyota Prius hybrid, a spacious 7 seater minivan and naturally one of the best fuel economy cars. 


Self-drive 8 Passenger Vans, Minivan & Minibus Rentals in Rome Fiumicino Airport

If you need a comfortable and roomy 8 passenger vehicle for an extensive road trip, check out our monthly car rental rates and rent a cheap 8 seat minivan in Rome Fiumicino Airport such as the stylish Honda Odyssey with automatic transmission, a powerful yet fuel-efficient car with a seating capacity for 8 people or the Toyota Sienna AWD, a spacious and reliable eight passenger mini van that is easy to drive and a popular family car for 8. We also recommend the rental of a diesel Volkswagen Caravelle with manual transmission, a large 8 seater MPV, an elegant and practical minivan or select the Mercedes Benz  Vito Traveliner, a popular 8 seater minibus. 

For those who favor a luxury minivan, we recommend you to book the automatic Chrysler Town & Country, a powerful and refined 8 seater minivan with front wheel drive, a flexible passenger van that can be used as a cargo van. Book online today with Triavi and get the best rental deal for your minivan in Rome Fiumicino Airport.


Rental information

Minivan Rome Fiumicino Airport Rental

Rome Fiumicino Airport Rentals

Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO), also known as Fiumicino-Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, is the arrival point for many visitors to the Italian city of Rome and the rest of Italy, and collecting your cheap minivan rental on arrival is a quick and easy way to make sure you get to your final destination in comfort and safety. At Triavi we are able to find you the cheapest rent a car and van hire deals on all kinds of vehicles including economy, family and luxury cars from all the major car rental agencies operating from Rome Fiumicino Airport and with our Rome Fiumicino Airport economy minivans hire, you don’t have to worry about using public transport, about late arrivals or carrying heavy luggage, you simply present your Triavi minivan rental voucher at the appropriate car rental desk and you will soon be on your way.


Rome (Roma), the capital city of Italy in the Lazio region, is a fascinating destination for tourists and travellers, and driving there from Rome Airport is relatively easy. Rome is also conveniently located within reasonable driving distance from many of Italy’s other famous cities, and a two hour drive south on the A1 Autostrada in your minivan rental will lead you to the city of Naples, whilst driving north gives you access to the cities of Florence, Siena and Pisa.The lively town of Orvieto is just over an hour drive from Rome airport, and of course there is the wonderful countryside of Tuscany and Umbria to be enjoyed. Whether your trip to Italy is for business or leisure purposes, you will find hiring one of our discount minivans at Rome Fiumicino Airport to be the cheapest and easiest way to travel.

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Rental Location Address: Rome Fiumicino Airport, Rome, 00050

Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO), also called Leonardo da Vinci Airport of Rome, located 40 km south-west of Rome, is Italy's major international airport with 4 terminals and is well connected to Rome City Center and Rome Termini Station. Fiumicino airport is a gateway to the Lazio region, including Ostia, Lake Bracciano, the Castelli Romani, Tivoli, Rieti, Viterbo and more.

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Car name Rental
Categories # of
1 day Rate
(24 hours)
2 days
3 days
6 Month
Volkswagen Caravelle Auto Europe 9 Seater, Manual, Minivan 9 140 280 420 980 4200 25200
Renault Scenic National Manual, Minivan 5 130 260 390 910 3900 23400
Renault Scenic Thrifty Manual, Minivan 5 130 260 390 910 3900 23400
Ford Galaxy Automatic 7 Seater tdi Thrifty 7 Seater, Automatic, Minivan 7 105 210 315 735 3150 18900
Ford Galaxy 7 seater Dollar 7 Seater, Manual, Minivan 7 163 326 489 1141 4890 29340
Hyundai Trajet 7 seater Thrifty 7 Seater, Manual, Minivan 7 71 142 213 497 2130 12780
Mercedes Viano 8 Seater Europcar 8 Seater, Family, Manual, Minivan 8 213 426 639 1491 6390 38340
Toyota Verso 5+2 Dollar 7 Seater, Manual, Minivan 7 52 104 156 364 1560 9360
Volkswagen Touran 5+2 seater Alamo 7 Seater, Manual, Minivan 7 44 88 132 308 1320 7920
Ford Galaxy Automatic 7 seater Europcar 7 Seater, Automatic, Minivan 7 240 480 720 1680 7200 43200
Ford Galaxy 7 seater tdi Europcar 7 Seater, Manual, Minivan 7 181 362 543 1267 5430 32580
Volkswagen Sharan Auto Europe 7 Seater, Automatic, Minivan 7 74 148 222 518 2220 13320

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Triavi is the best place for low cost vehicle rentals, so find out what deals we offer on cargo van hire in Rome Fiumicino Airport for all your commercial and domestic needs. For transporting small groups or for a special occasion, check out our minibus rental prices in Rome Fiumicino Airport and allow all passengers to travel in comfort and safety. Triavi will compare prices of pickup truck hire in Rome Fiumicino Airport ensuring you get the best deal to suit your budget and transportation needs. For a long road trip or family camping weekend, a campervan rental from Triavi is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors in style. And if it is style that is important to you, then impress your friends or business clients with Triavi’s prestige car rentals in Rome Fiumicino Airport, rent one of our sports cars in Rome Fiumicino Airport or hire a convertible in Rome Fiumicino Airport and make sure you get noticed. Find out what other car rental deals on the following vehicle categories:
For family vacations, find out what deals are available for cheap mpv hire in Rome Fiumicino Airport, and enjoy your travels in one of our low cost people carrier rentals. A 12 seater passenger van hire is a great rental vehicle for a weekend away, whilst for everyday driving, a mid-size car, such as a sedan, makes the ideal car. Choose a Crossover which is a sporty yet practical family auto. Triavi also has great deals on GT (Grand Tourer) hire, and you can pick up your rental car from locations across Rome Fiumicino Airport. Check out our special offers for 9 seater hire in Rome Fiumicino Airport, with diesel models available, as well as great prices for 10 seater rentals and discounts on 6 seater hire. If you are looking for cars with GPS just tell Triavi what you are looking for and we will do the searching for you. Quality car and van rentals in Rome Fiumicino Airport cost less with Triavi.