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Bologna Airport Automatic Car Hire

Automatic cars are often the most popular rentals cars in Bologna Airport so book your auto transmission car hire in advance with Triavi and rent your ideal automatic car or van at the lowest price. Posted by

When looking for a cheap car hire in Bologna Airport you can choose between a manual or automatic transmission. Many people find a car with automatic gears easier to drive, especially when stuck in heavy traffic in the city or on the highway, so rent a cheap automatic car with Triavi to enhance your drive in Bologna Airport!

Triavi Car Rental Services provide a wide selection of automatic cars of all sizes and models, available at most international airports, train stations, cities and neighborhoods.  Whether you need a 7 seater automatic car, a 9 seater minibus or a luxury SUV 4x4 with automatic transmission, we will find you the best deals in Bologna Airport.  Triavi compares offers, including car rental coupons & discount codes, from major car providers like Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Budget and others.  Young renters can search for our under 21 car rental in Bologna Airport to enjoy the lowest car rental prices on any automatic-drive car. Check online for our cheap prices in Bologna Airport or contact our customer service by mail or by phone to help you find the economy rental in Bologna Airport best suited to your travelling needs.


Our selection of small automatic cars

If you are looking for a handy city car, check our weekly car rentals in Bologna Airport and hire a small automatic car that is easy to park, such as the Toyota iQ, a compact 4 seater with front wheel drive,  the 3 door Hyundai i10 hatchback or the sporty-looking 5 seater Mazda2. Don't miss out our monthly car rentals in Bologna Airport and book an affordable Volkswagen Golf family car with seating for 5 and a dual clutch automatic gear box or hire a VW GTI, a 2/4 door hatchback with twin clutch transmission (DGS) for more power and better control.

Check our cheap luxury compact car hire in Bologna Airport. You can rent an Audi A1 automatic, one of the best automatic cars available or an automatic top of the range luxury BMW X1 SUV at significantly lower prices.


Book an intermediate automatic car in Bologna Airport

A mid-size car with automatic transmission is perfect for inner-city driving and on the open road. Don't miss out our monthly car rentals in Bologna Airport and rent an affordable Volkswagen Golf, a stylish and comfortable family car with a dual clutch automatic gear box, a Ford Focus 4 door hatchback with a 6-speed automatic transmission or an automatic Toyota Corolla, a reliable and fuel-efficient 5 seater car.


Full-size automatic car rentals

For more space and comfort, check our full-size car hire in Bologna Airport and select an automatic car such as the 5 seat Nissan Altima sedan, a five passenger Chevrolet Impala or rent an affordable full-size car like a luxury Toyota Avalon automatic sedan.

If you need an automatic 7 passenger car or a larger people carrier for 7-9 passengers, hire a cheap automatic minivan such as the Dodge Grand Caravan with 6-speed automatic transmission, the Mercedes Viano automatic luxury 8 seater van or an Opel Zafira with automatic drive, a compact 7 seater MPV.  For larger families, you can rent an automatic van like the GMC Savana that seats 8, 12 or 15 passengers or rent a minibus in Bologna Airport such as the automatic 12 seater Toyota Commuter minibus. Find out about our cheap airport car hire in Bologna Airport and book an automatic SUV including the 8 passenger Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 and the sporty 7 seater diesel Audi Q7 SUV, or book a luxury automatic car such as a Mercedes E Class or the stylish Audi A4.

Book your next auto transmission car rental in Bologna Airport online today with Triavi and experience a relaxing drive at the best rental price!

Rental information

Bologna Airport Automatic Car Hire

Bologna Airport Rentals

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (BLQ) lies just 6km from the city of Bologna in northern Italy. The seventh busiest airport in Italy, Bologna International Airport was recently expanded to cater for larger aircraft and is a gateway to the world, with flights departing to a wide variety of European and international destinations. Whether you are arriving at Bologna Airport for a stop-over or planning an Italian holiday, hiring a automatic car at Bologna Airport ensures a quick and easy transfer to your final destination, whether it be your Bologna city centre hotel or one of the towns or villages of the Emilia Romagna region. Bologna is located close to Italy’s ‘Motor Valley’, and renting a automatic car from Bologna Airport gives you access to the sites of an Italian car lover’s dreams. Visit the Ferrari museum in Maranello, the Lamborghini museum in San't Agata Bolognese and the Pagani museum in Modena to find out just what it is that makes the Italian’s so passionate about motor racing.


Bologna Airport has two terminals, the Main Terminal and the East Terminal, which are connected via the BLQ Express Shuttle train, and the offices of most car hire companies can be found on the ground floor of the Main Terminal, including Budget, Europcar and Hertz. Bologna is conveniently accessible by road from almost anywhere in Italy, with the A1, A13 and A14 highways passing through the city. You can drive to Milan via the A1 in about two hours, whilst Florence can be reached in just under an hour and a half. We can find you great deals on a range of car rentals, including one day, one week or even one month automatic car hire, so now matter long how long you are staying, we have the perfect rental package for you. You can also pick up your rental automatic car in the city of Bologna and drop-it off at the airport on your departure, to avoid taxi fares or relying on public transport.  Find the cheapest deals online when you book your Bologna Airport automatic car rental with Triavi.



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Rental Location Address: Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Apt, Bologna, 40132

Bologna Airport (BLQ) is an international airport located in Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy. Well-connected by main roads and motorways leading to Milan, Padova, Ancona, it is an opportunity to travel to Ravenna, Ferrara, Parma and to Rimini, a popular beach resort on the Adriatic Coast. 

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Car name Rental
Categories # of
1 day Rate
(24 hours)
2 days
3 days
6 Month
Dodge Magnum Alamo Automatic, Estate, Family 5 91 182 273 637 2730 16380
Audi Q7 Automatic Sixt 4x4, Automatic, SUV 5 134 268 402 938 4020 24120
Ford Fiesta Europcar Automatic, Economy, Family 2 18 36 54 126 540 3240
Mini Cooper Automatic Convertible Sixt Automatic, Economy, Family 4 65 130 195 455 1950 11700
Toyota Auris Hybrid Europcar Automatic, Compact, Family 5 30 60 90 210 900 5400
Toyota Rav4 Automatic Alamo 4x4, Automatic, SUV 5 98 196 294 686 2940 17640
Toyota Yaris Automatic Alamo Automatic, Economy, Family 5 36 72 108 252 1080 6480
Volkswagen Golf SW Auto (with Sat Nav) Avis Automatic, Estate, Family 5 42 84 126 294 1260 7560
Pontiac G5 Enterprise Automatic, Family 4 47 94 141 329 1410 8460
Dodge Charger Europcar Automatic, Premium 5 50 100 150 350 1500 9000
Mercedes SLK convertible Sixt Wedding, Automatic, Luxury 2 84 168 252 588 2520 15120
Toyota Avensis Thrifty Automatic, Family 5 56 112 168 392 1680 10080

Car Rental Categories

Triavi is the best place for low cost vehicle rentals, so find out what deals we offer on cargo van hire in Bologna Airport for all your commercial and domestic needs. For transporting small groups or for a special occasion, check out our minibus rental prices in Bologna Airport and allow all passengers to travel in comfort and safety. Triavi will compare prices of pickup truck hire in Bologna Airport ensuring you get the best deal to suit your budget and transportation needs. For a long road trip or family camping weekend, a campervan rental from Triavi is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors in style. And if it is style that is important to you, then impress your friends or business clients with Triavi’s prestige car rentals in Bologna Airport, rent one of our sports cars in Bologna Airport or hire a convertible in Bologna Airport and make sure you get noticed. Find out what other car rental deals on the following vehicle categories:
For family vacations, find out what deals are available for cheap mpv hire in Bologna Airport, and enjoy your travels in one of our low cost people carrier rentals. A 12 seater passenger van hire is a great rental vehicle for a weekend away, whilst for everyday driving, a mid-size car, such as a sedan, makes the ideal car. Choose a Crossover which is a sporty yet practical family auto. Triavi also has great deals on GT (Grand Tourer) hire, and you can pick up your rental car from locations across Bologna Airport. Check out our special offers for 9 seater hire in Bologna Airport, with diesel models available, as well as great prices for 10 seater rentals and discounts on 6 seater hire. If you are looking for cars with GPS just tell Triavi what you are looking for and we will do the searching for you. Quality car and van rentals in Bologna Airport cost less with Triavi.