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Nadi SUV Hire

Triavi offers Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) hire in Nadi with big discounts. Book your SUV in Nadi for the best car rental rates available online. Posted by

A Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is a smart choice for drivers wanting a powerful and practical auto with enough seating and cargo space to carry several passengers and their luggage.  For a long family road trip, renting a 4x4 SUV from Triavi in Nadi is the best way to hit the road and enjoy a good-handling car that is comfortable, safe and sporty to drive. 

Triavi Car Rental Services provide a fine selection of SUVs of all sizes and brands that are available at thousands of rental locations, including at or near all major international airports, train stations, cities and neighborhoods. We guarantee you the best car rental rates in Nadi as we compare the latest car hire offers of major rental companies such as Avis, Hertz, Alamo and National.  Find the cheapest SUV rental in Nadi, whether it is a small or a compact SUV, a 7 passenger crossover, a luxury SUV or even a hybrid SUV. Book online or contact our customer services by phone or by mail to help you find the right cheap SUV rental in Nadi suited to your travelling needs and budget. Young drivers aged under 25 are invited to check our under age car rental in Nadi for an SUV at the lowest car rental price.


Rent a cheap Compact & Mini SUV in Nadi

If you are looking for a small 4x4, check online for our discount car rental deals in Nadi and book a mini SUV such as a manual Nissan Juke AWD, a popular 4 passenger SUV with a unique body styling or a Suzuki Jimny 4WD with a manual gearbox, a small off-road car that seats 4.

You can also find out about our weekend & weekly car rentals in Nadi and get a quote for one of our compact SUV hires in Nadi, such as the manual Toyota Rav4 with a 3rd row seating, a fuel-efficient 5 passenger SUV or the automatic Honda CR-V 4x4, a roomy and comfortable 4 door SUV for 5 people and a top-ranked family SUV.  Don't miss out on our cheap one-way rentals in Nadi and book an affordable crossover SUV (CUV).  Choose the Ford Escape 4WD for a powerful fuel-efficient SUV with good cargo space and comfortable seating for 5 people or a Jeep Wrangler with manual transmission for a legendary 4x4 SUV that is ideal for off-road driving on any rugged terrain.

To rent a luxury compact SUV in Nadi, check out our best car rental rates and book a luxury crossover.  The manual 5 seat BMW X3 4x4 is a refined and sporty vehicle with a good fuel economy, whilst the iconic 5 seater Range Rover Evoque 4x4 is a sleek premium SUV with 9 speed automatic transmission and excellent fuel-efficiency.


Our Selection of Mid-size SUV Rentals in Nadi

A midsize SUV is an excellent option to comfortably carry 5 to 7 people whilst providing ample cargo space and storage compartments. For an extensive road-trip, look for our long-term and monthly car rental deals in Nadi and book an affordable intermediate SUV like the Ford Explorer AWD, a 7 passenger crossover with a 6 speed automatic transmission or the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD, a 5 seater standard SUV with an 8 speed automatic transmission. The Grand Cherokee is a two-row intermediate SUV that combines comfort, elegance and excellent off-road performances. 

Looking for a midsize luxury SUV? Compare our rental prices in Nadi and book an automatic seven seat crossover Acura MDX AWD or a luxury 7 seater automatic Audi Q7.  The five seat luxury crossover Porsche Cayenne AWD with a 6 speed manual transmission is a great choice for a fast and fun car with exceptional handling.


Cheap full-size SUV Rentals in Nadi

If you need a large SUV that can seat at least 7 people, then book a full-size SUV in Nadi such as the automatic Chevrolet Suburban 4x4, a powerful 8 passenger SUV with a 3rd row seating, huge cargo space and an excellent towing SUV or the automatic Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD, a popular off-road SUV with seating for up to 9 people. 

For a luxury full-size SUV rental in Nadi, check our weekly car rental prices in Nadi and hire a luxury 7 seater SUV such as the diesel Mercedes Benz GL Class AWD with automatic transmission for a very capable and comfortable people carrier with an excellent fuel-economy, or select a top-ranked luxury large SUV such as the automatic Cadillac Escalade AWD or the Toyota Land Cruiser with an automatic gearbox, two spacious and highly capable 8 passenger SUVs with luxury interiors. 

You may also choose a hybrid SUV, also called green car or eco-friendly car that provides better gas mileage. Search for a hybrid SUV rental in Nadi and book a fuel-efficient car like the Ford Escape, Toyota Prius, VW Touareg h or the GMC Yukon Hybrid. Book your next SUV in Nadi online with Triavi and get a top-ranked Sport Utility Vehicle at the best car rental rates.


Rental information

Nadi SUV Hire

Nadi Rentals

Nadi (Pronounced Nan-di) is the international gateway to the Fiji Islands, and is a center of its Indo-Fijian population. Hire a SUV from Nadi to reach the best beaches and unspoiled rainforests of Viti Levu, Fiji's main island, or for the option of taking your SUV via ferry to Fiji's second largest island of Vanua Levu.  Nadi International Airport (NAN) handles most of the international flights to Fiji from a variety of destinations in Australia, New Zealand and the Far East, as well as catering for domestic flights between Fiji's islands. SUV can be hired from the airport or from Nadi itself. You will find in Nadi several curry restaurants and sari shops, as well as the Hindu temple of Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami. From Nadi you can reach several popular resorts such as Dolphin Island, Denarau Island and the Mamanucas by boat or ferry from Port Denarau.


Circling Viti Levu are two major highways, King's Road and Queen's Road, which both meet at Nadi.  Heading south on the Queen's Road to Suva, you will pass the Coral Coast, with its many resorts. There are popular surfing spots around the coast such as Natadola Beach, located about 22 miles from Nadi, or eco-tourism sites such as the Kula Eco Park, a wildlife park showcasing rare tropical animals. You can visit the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park, Fiji's first national park, to see archeological remains of the Lapita culture, Fiji's first human settlers.


Taking your SUV rental from Nadi the opposite direction on the King's Road further up the coast you will reach Lautoka, Fiji's second largest city and the center of its sugar cane industry, where you can sample some seafood on the waterfront of Vuda Point Marina or visit the Botanical gardens. On your way there be sure to stop at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, the largest orchid collection in Fiji and Viseisei, a village where according to tradition Fiji's first settlers landed and established the oldest settlement.  Viti Levu's northern beaches of the Rakiraki region, such as Volivoli Beach, are its best well-kept secret, their relative remoteness being a big advantage for those who prefer relaxing in peace and quiet. From Ellington Wharf you can take a boat to the island of Nananu-i-Ra, a windsurfing and kiteboarding heaven.




Rental locations

Rental Location Address: Queens Road, Sonaisali Island Resort, Nadi/sonaisali Island, Fiji

Begin your vacation in Fiji at Nadi, the Fiji Islands' international point of entry on Viti Levu, Fiji's main island. From Nadi you can easily access the resorts of Coral Coast, take a boat to other islands from Port Denarau or head over to the northern Rakiraki region where you can enjoy surfing.


Compare Rental Rates

Car name Rental
Categories # of
1 day Rate
(24 hours)
2 days
3 days
6 Month
BMW X6 Budget 4x4, Automatic, Luxury, SUV 5 156 312 468 1092 4680 28080
Ford Edge Budget 7 Seater, Automatic, SUV 7 72 144 216 504 2160 12960
Audi Q7 Dollar 4x4, Manual, SUV 5 198 396 594 1386 5940 35640
BMW X3 (with Sat Nav) Thrifty 4x4, Manual, SUV 5 73 146 219 511 2190 13140
Chevrolet Suburban 8 passenger Avis 4x4, 8 Seater, Automatic, SUV 8 81 162 243 567 2430 14580
Hyundai Santa Fe Sixt 4x4, Automatic, Family, SUV 5 93 186 279 651 2790 16740
Hyundai Tucson Europcar 4x4, Automatic, SUV 5 39 78 117 273 1170 7020
Mercedes ML 320 Alamo 4x4, Automatic, SUV 5 185 370 555 1295 5550 33300
Mitsubishi Outlander Automatic tdi Budget 4x4, Automatic, SUV 7 60 120 180 420 1800 10800
Audi Q5 Avis 4x4, Automatic, SUV 5 66 132 198 462 1980 11880
Kia Sorento National Manual, SUV 6 70 140 210 490 2100 12600
Kia Sorento Automatic Thrifty Automatic, SUV 6 137 274 411 959 4110 24660

Car Rental Categories

Planning a family vacation to Nadi? Make sure you get the chance to do a true off road adventure, the places that you can get to in a 4WD are often not otherwise accessible in a normal car. Climb high or go down low, either way see it all with your Triavi SUV hire in Nadi. 
Rent the BMW X3, for a high class sports utility vehicle possessing comfort, agility and refinement. The Kia Sorento has enough room for 6 passengers, bring your family for a great athletic off-road climb. The Toyota Rav4, is a popular automatic crossover SUV that delivers on driving fun. Rent the Nissan Pathfinder and navigate your way through inner city streets or over off road terrain, the versatility and simple good looks, make this 4x4 a real winner.