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Triavi team Posted by: | Looking for a one month car rental in Europe? Need a cheap car hire for 3 months, 6 months or even one year? Book with Triavi a long-term car rental and enjoy our unbeatable prices!

Compare long-term car rental deals from Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Budget, Sixt and many other car hire providers.

The Longer you Rent, the More you Save!

Check out Triavi’s long-term car rental deals online and enjoy unbeatable long term car hire prices!  
Available on most categories of car, no matter what your specific rental requirements, a long-term car hire is a practical and economical car rental option. So if you need to hire a car for at least 28 days, find out about our monthly car rental in Europe and enjoy the benefits of long term rental; the longer you rent, the more money you save!  

A Cheaper Way to Travel

Long-term car rental is often the most convenient and cheapest way to travel. If you are planning to take a road trip across Europe and need an affordable comfortable rental vehicle for all the family, consider renting a 7 passenger minivan, a 4x4 SUV, a 9 seater minibus or a camper van in Europe for one week, one month, two months or longer. We have a great range of long term hire cars at lower prices, so check our prices for monthly car rental in Europe, book a car such as the automatic Audi Q7 and hit the road!

Long Term Car Rental; a Practical Choice

Long term car hire is common practice in everyday life, ideal if you require a car for a few months in Europe. Perhaps you are visiting Europe for an extended stay and want the comfort of your own vehicle, or maybe you need a rental auto for work purposes and wish to hire an executive car to drive long distances or to impress your business clients. Whatever your reason, you can feel at home in your long-term car rental with Triavi.

Test Drive with Long Term Hire

Long term car hire is also a good chance to test drive the latest model or a different brand of car. If you are unsure of which car you want to buy, why not book one of our cars on a long-term basis and see how it is to drive. Before you make a big purchase, long term rentals are a great way to test drive a specific model or brand of vehicle to know if it is the right vehicle for you. 

Replacement Vehicle

Maybe your car is out of service or your dear old minivan has driven its last drive and you need to hire a vehicle urgently. Don’t panic, a cheap long term rental is the answer to your problems, giving you time to fix your own car or search for a new one. 

Top Cars from Leading Car Rental Agencies

Once you enter your destination, car type and rental time into Triavi’s search engine, we will compare the long-term car rental deals from Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Budget, Sixt and many other car providers to offer you the rental auto best suited to your travelling needs and budget. For an extended car rental from 2 months up to one year car rental (11 months), enjoy the best car rental rates by choosing Budget or Avis Mini Lease, the ideal solution when you need to lease a car for less than a year. 

Drive the Best Long Term Rental Cars for Less

To drive the best cars for less, all you need to do is explore our fleet of the newest rental vehicles from the best car rental companies and select your next car hire in Europe at the lowest car rental rates!  Check out our online car rental deals in Europe and book cheap long term car rental with Triavi in Europe!



Unlimited Mileage

Enjoy unlimited mileage with almost all of our car rentals, giving you the flexibility to drive as much as you wish at no extra cost. Read more

Full Cancellation Policy

All bookings cancelled within 7 days of the reservation date and at least 48 hours before pick up time will receive a full refund. Read more

Includes all Taxes and Fees

The quotes listed on our website include all mandatory taxes and insurance. Check our website to purchase additional insurance or optional extras Read more

Drivers under 25 are welcome

Young drivers under 25 are welcome to rent a car with Triavi. A Young Driver Fee may apply. Read more

Cross Border Rental

Pick up your car in one country and return it in another. Read more

Valid with Standard Driving Licence

All vehicles on our website can be hired with a standard driving licence. Read more

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Long Term Rentals in Europe

  • Toyota Corolla lease

    Toyota Corolla

    The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular automatic cars on the road, so rent your family compact Corolla in Europe Find car
  • 12 months Hyundai Getz lease

    Hyundai Getz

    For a great small family car, a Hyundai Getz rental car in Europe is a great choice Find car
  • long term Ford Focus rental Europe

    Ford Focus

    Rent an automatic Ford Focus to drive a reliable and comfortable economy car in Europe Find car
  • 1 year car lease

    Chevrolet Cobalt

    For a reliable and economical family automatic compact car, choose a Chevrolet Cobalt rental in Europe Find car
  • cheap long term Ford Transit 9 seater lease

    Ford Transit 9 seater

    For travels with small groups, a 9 seater Ford Transit rental allows all passengers to travel in comfort and safety Find car
  • Monthly hire Europe

    Mini Classic

    A Mini Classic is an iconic small family supermini to rent in Europe, so book yours online and drive in style Find car
  • car lease offer

    Range Rover Sport

    For a large luxury SUV, rent a Range Rover Sport automatic in Europe and enjoy driving a sporty 4x4 off-roader Find car
  • Hertz long term rental car for cheap rate

    Volkswagen Passat SW Auto (with Sat Nav)

    Find your way around Europe in comfort and style with an automatic Volkswagen Passat SW Auto (with Sat Nav) rental Find car
  • Budget long term Europe

    Volvo V50 Stationwagon diesel

    For a powerful estate car for travelling with all the family, a Volvo V50 Stationwagon diesel is the ideal rental car in Europe Find car
  • Thrifty Nissan Micra Automatic lease

    Nissan Micra Automatic

    An ideal city car, enjoy high performance and good fuel economy when you hire the Nissan Micra Automatic in Europe. Find car
  • Avis long term

    Opel Corsa

    An Opel Corsa rental in Europe is a great small family economy rental car for family vacations in Europe Find car
  • Mini Hatch Auto lease

    Mini Hatch Auto

    Hire a Mini Hatch Auto in Europe to drive a good looking economy car with a great ride and smooth handling Find car

Europe Rentals

Driving across Europe in a low cost car or van rental is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to discover the continent and to explore the historic sights, famous cities and breathtaking countryside.  Find out what the diverse range of European countries have to offer when you hire one of our cheap European rental vehicles.

In Western Europe, the sunny beach resorts of Portugal and Spain are easily accessible with your car rental, whilst a winter ski holiday in the Alpine resorts of France, Italy and Switzerland is just a drive away.  Explore the historical cities and landmarks of the UK in your budget rent a car, or enjoy driving along the autobahns of Germany and Austria to discover a landscape rich in history and culture.  Driving into Eastern Europe, Poland and the Czech Republic are fascinating destinations, as are the Northern European countries of Sweden, Norway and Finland.  Driving south to warmers lands, a tour of Greece and Turkey in Southern Europe in your economy hire car is an experience like no other.

Book your European low cost rental car or van in advance at any main airport or train station, or locations across the towns and cities of Europe and explore at your leisure.

Rental locations

Compare Rental Rates

Car name Rental
Categories # of
1 day Rate
(24 hours)
2 days
3 days
6 Month
Toyota Corolla National Automatic, Compact, Family 5 22 44 66 154 660 3960
Hyundai Getz National Economy, Family, Manual 5 17 34 51 119 510 3060
Ford Focus Alamo Automatic, Compact, Economy, Family 5 21 42 63 147 630 3780
Chevrolet Cobalt Hertz Automatic, Compact, Family 4 33 66 99 231 990 5940
Ford Transit 9 seater Enterprise 9 Seater, Manual, Van 9 107 214 321 749 3210 19260
Mini Classic Auto Europe Economy, Family, Manual 4 29 58 87 203 870 5220
Range Rover Sport Auto Europe 4x4, Automatic, Luxury, SUV 5 115 230 345 805 3450 20700
Volkswagen Passat SW Auto (with Sat Nav) Avis Automatic, Estate, Family 5 43 86 129 301 1290 7740
Volvo V50 Stationwagon diesel Sixt Estate, Family, Manual 5 36 72 108 252 1080 6480
Nissan Micra Automatic Auto Europe Automatic, Economy, Family 5 56 112 168 392 1680 10080
Opel Corsa Enterprise Economy, Family, Manual 5 25 50 75 175 750 4500
Mini Hatch Auto Enterprise Automatic, Economy, Family 4 112 224 336 784 3360 20160

Car Rental Categories

Triavi is the best place for low cost vehicle rentals, so find out what deals we offer on cargo van hire in Europe for all your commercial and domestic needs. For transporting small groups or for a special occasion, check out our minibus rental prices in Europe and allow all passengers to travel in comfort and safety. Triavi will compare prices of pickup truck hire in Europe ensuring you get the best deal to suit your budget and transportation needs. For a long road trip or family camping weekend, a campervan rental from Triavi is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors in style. And if it is style that is important to you, then impress your friends or business clients with Triavi’s prestige car rentals in Europe, rent one of our sports cars in Europe or hire a convertible in Europe and make sure you get noticed. Find out what other car rental deals on the following vehicle categories:
For family vacations, find out what deals are available for cheap mpv hire in Europe, and enjoy your travels in one of our low cost people carrier rentals. A 12 seater passenger van hire is a great rental vehicle for a weekend away, whilst for everyday driving, a mid-size car, such as a sedan, makes the ideal car. Choose a Crossover which is a sporty yet practical family auto. Triavi also has great deals on GT (Grand Tourer) hire, and you can pick up your rental car from locations across Europe. Check out our special offers for 9 seater hire in Europe, with diesel models available, as well as great prices for 10 seater rentals and discounts on 6 seater hire. If you are looking for cars with GPS just tell Triavi what you are looking for and we will do the searching for you. Quality car and van rentals in Europe cost less with Triavi.