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How does
it work?

How does it work?

Triavi compares prices from over 850 local and international car rental agencies worldwide to find the best deals available.  All you have to do is enter your rental requirements (location and dates) into our simple search form and click on the “Find Car” button.  You will then be presented with a list of available vehicles at the cheapest car rental rates.

How do I check availability and get a quote?

Simply fill in the search form on our website to view a list of available cars and their prices. To reserve one of our vehicles, click on the "Select" button next to the car you are interested in and you will be taken to a page with full details and information about the car and the rental terms. At this stage, you can go ahead and book the car.

What do your prices include?

The quotes listed on our website include all mandatory tax and insurance.  You can purchase additional insurance and optional extras either on our website or at the car rental desk at the pick up location.  After you click on the “select” button located to the right side of the car  you  wish to rent, you will see  a page with full details and information about the car and the rental terms. To review full details of the rental terms, click on “Rental Conditions”.  

What languages do you support?

English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Mandarin Chinese and more.

Where can I see the Terms and Conditions for  my rental?

Complete terms and conditions are available to you before you reserve the car, on the booking page of our website.  Before booking the car, by clicking on “Confirm Booking”, you are required to confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions for your rental.


Where can I find information about the rental agent who will supply my car?

Full details of your rental agency will be included on your booking voucher you’ll receive by email, after booking the car.  This includes rental agent name, address, phone number and any other relevant information.


Pick up
& Drop off

My rental pick up / drop off location is an airport – will the rental agent  be located within the airport terminal?

The rental agencies located at an airport will be either situated in the terminal hall or close by.  Directions and details will be provided on your Reservation Confirmation voucher. Some agents may offer a meet and greet service to take you to your vehicle if they are not located inside the terminal itself.


Can I drop off the vehicle at a different time than is stated on my reservation voucher?

You can drop off your rental vehicle earlier than the pre-agreed time, as long as it is within working hours of the rental agency.  If you want to return the car later than the agreed time /date on your booking voucher, you will first need to verify with the rental agency.  If your booking has not yet begun and you wish to modify your rental dates, you can amend your booking in the 'Manage Booking' section of our website.


What do I do if I receive the wrong car at the rental desk?

Although we cannot guarantee  a specific make or model of your rental vehicle, you are entitled to receive a vehicle from the same size category.

In case the rental car you are offered is of lower category than the one you booked, please contact us from the rental desk so that we can provide immediate assistance to resolve the issue.


Will I get a refund if I drop the car off earlier than stated on my reservation voucher?

No, we cannot offer refunds on rentals that are returned earlier than the pre-agreed date or time.


Do I have to pay an out-of-hours fee if I want to pick up or drop off the car early in the morning/ very late at night?

If you wish to pick up / return the car outside of the rental agency's normal working hours, you may be charged an extra fee.  If an 'out-of-hours' fee is applicable, it will be outlined in your rental conditions.  Details of the out-of-hours fee and whether or not it is included in the price will be explained in your rental conditions.

Can I change the rental period once the rental has started?

Reducing the rental time:  Any changes that you wish to make to the dates or times of your booking need to be arranged directly with the rental agency.  It is usually possible to return the car earlier than the original drop off time, however you will not be eligible to receive a refund for unused days.

Extending the rental time:  To extend your rental period once you have already picked up your vehicle, you need to contact the rental agency directly. If the vehicle is available, they will allow you to extend the rental period.  Any additional charges for this extension will be paid directly to the car rental agency.

Can I drop the car off at a different location from the pick up?

Yes, most of our rentals allow the car to be dropped off at a different location. There will be a one way fee for this service to cover the logistics of returning the vehicle to the original location. One way fees are often included in the quote you receive. If they are  not included, this will be stated on the quote and in the rental terms.

Who will be the rental agent that supplies my vehicle?   

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a reservation confirmation voucher by email. Full details including the address and  phone number of the car rental agency supplying your vehicle will be provided on this voucher.


What if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled or delayed, please contact the rental agency directly to rearrange the pick up time.  Please ensure that you enter your flight details when making your booking. This should enable the rental agency to confirm whether your flight has been delayed and if you are likely to arrive later than originally planned.

What if my rental vehicle is not satisfactory?

In the unlikely event that you feel your vehicle does not meet the standards you expect, you should immediately inform the rental agency.  


Who do I contact if there is damage to or theft of the vehicle during my rental?

In the event of damage to or theft of the vehicle, please contact the rental agency immediately to report the incident. They will advise you on the appropriate course of action.  If you have additional insurance, you should contact the insurance company to report the incident and be advised on the correct procedure to follow.


ID and payments

What documents are required to hire a car?

You will need to bring the following documentation to the rental desk  in order to hire the car:

  • A print out of your booking voucher

  • A credit card in the name of main driver (payment can usually be made with a debit card, but a credit card is required to release the vehicle)

  • Photo ID other than Driving License such as a Passport or State ID card.  (This is not always required – please check your specific rental terms)

  • Valid Driving License


Is my driving license sufficient to rent a vehicle?

There are several conditions regarding your driving license:

  • License must be in Roman Alphabet.  If not, bring an International Driver's License together with your original domestic license.

  • Minimum 1 year with no major endorsements (in some cases this may be a minimum of 2 years – please check your specific rental terms)

  • UK License holders must present both the photo card and its paper counterpart at the time of rental


My reservation has not been confirmed.  What does this mean?

Most likely it means that your rental request has not yet been confirmed by the rental agency. Once they have confirmed availability, a reservation voucher will be sent to the email address you used to make your booking. We will maintain contact with you while you are waiting for confirmation. If you wish to speak to a representative about the status of your reservation, please contact us.

I have lost my rental voucher and need a new one.

To print out a copy of your reservation voucher simply go to the 'Manage Booking' section on our website, which can be found under the 'My Triavi' dropdown in the top right-hand corner of the site. Simply enter your e-mail address and Reservation Number.


I have not received my rental voucher. What do I do?

If your booking was confirmed but you have not received a voucher, please check your spam filter for an email from Triavi. If you have your reservation number but no voucher, you can access a copy of your reservation voucher online through the 'Manage Booking' section on our website (My Triavi -> Manage Booking). If you are unable to locate your reservation number or your voucher, please contact us.


and Terms

Is there a limit on mileage?

Most of our rentals will include unlimited mileage in the quote. Unlimited mileage means you can travel as many miles as you wish, at no extra charge.  For rentals that have a limit on mileage, it will be clearly stated in the rental terms, and drivers will be charged for each additional mile/kilometer that exceeds the limit. Mileage details specific to your rental will be listed in your rental terms.

Are there any age restrictions to rent a car?

On certain vehicles, young drivers will be required to pay a young drivers fee to account for the additional insurance costs.  A young driver's fee is usually applicable to drivers under the age of 25 years, but this may vary.  Drivers over the age of 75 may also be charged a fee to account for the additional insurance costs.  

For young drivers and drivers over 75 years alike, the conditions are set by the rental agencies and also depend on the location and car type. If a young driver's fee is applicable, it will be stated in the rental terms of the specific vehicle you wish to book.


Can I drive my rental vehicle to another country?

This depends entirely on the rental location, countries you wish to drive into, and sometimes the type of car you wish to book. There will often be an additional fee for traveling across borders, to cover the additional insurance costs. It will state in the rental terms of the specific vehicle you are interested in which countries you may take the vehicle into.

Can I drive a minibus with my regular license?

Yes, all vehicles listed on our site may be driven with a standard driving license.


Optional Extras

How do I add an additional driver?

You can add additional drivers at the time of reserving the vehicle online.  Alternatively, you can easily add additional drivers directly with the rental agency, at the rental desk when you pick up the car.  


How can I reserve a child car seat?

To ensure availability, it is best to reserve a car seat when booking your vehicle online.  If you did not, we recommend contacting the rental agency directly as soon as possible to reserve a child car seat for your rental.


and other charges

What Credit Cards are accepted by the rental agent?

All major credit cards such as American Express, Diners Club, Master Card and Visa are usually accepted. Very occasionally this may vary, so please check with the car rental agency your specific car rental terms.


Can I use my debit card to release the vehicle?

Although you can use a debit card online when booking the vehicle, usually a valid credit card in the name of the lead driver is required in order to release the vehicle. Sometimes rental agents will accept a debit card so long as you purchase the excess reduction insurance at the rental desk.   


What is the fuel policy?

The fuel policy is set by the rental agent. Usually the fuel policy will be 'Pick Up Full, Return Full' whereby the vehicle will be provided with a full tank of petrol  at the start of the rental,  and you will be required to return the car with a full tank of petrol at the end of the rental. Occasionally the fuel policy might be 'Pick Up Full, Return Empty', in which case you will be required to pay for the tank of fuel upon collection and return the car with an empty tank. Fuel charges are not included in the price of your rental. Please check the rental terms for full details of the fuel policy on your rental.


and refunds

What is your cancellation policy?

All bookings cancelled within 7 days of the reservation being made and at least 48 hours before pick up time will receive a full refund. For bookings cancelled more than 7 days after the reservation was made and at least 48 hours before the pickup time, all payments will be reimbursed except for a cancellation fee of 25 EUR plus the card processing fee (where applicable).

For bookings that have been fully prepaid, and are cancelled within 48 hours of the pick up time, we will charge payment for 3 days rental and a card processing fee.

How can I cancel my booking?

To cancel your booking, please click on Manage Booking under 'My Triavi' in the top menu on our website from where you can cancel your reservation. Alternatively, you can cancel by contacting us.


How long until I receive my refund?

Refunds usually take up to 20 working days to be processed from the time of submitting the refund request.  

If I have been overcharged who can I contact?

Additional charges you may see on your statement include charges for any optional extras such as additional drivers, G.P.S., child seats, extra Insurance etc.  If you believe you have been overcharged please contact us.